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Benefits of Network Performance Monitoring Solutions

Maintaining full network visibility

You can’t properly assess the efficiency of your network if you don’t have full network visibility. Your firm must be able to observe every bit of traffic that passes through its network as well as all connected devices and key performance indicators. Any good network monitoring software will give comprehensive monitoring capabilities, ensuring that no aspect of your network is left in the dark.

Discovering security threats

Network monitoring tools may be used to detect security concerns that have been hidden in your system. Some malware and viruses are designed to stay on a network after gaining entry but doing nothing initially; others may be performing minor activities that pass unnoticed by the human eye.

Network Monitoring will monitor a network for abnormal and suspicious network traffic (indicating a security threat is diverting network resources) and notify your organization of the issue.

Predicting and preventing network downtime

Even with the most powerful network monitoring solution, you can never promise 100% service availability; nevertheless, they might assist you in preventing unanticipated network outages. Network monitoring technologies have a key role in detecting impending device or network failures by observing for network traffic that indicates the failure of a device or network is about to happen. This approach allows you to anticipate and correct any unexpected downtime, allowing you to get the most out of your service.

Observing bandwidth utilization

For most network administrators, bandwidth usage is one of the most essential performance indicators to track. Your company wants to utilize as much bandwidth as feasible while also assuring that each service functions properly. Network monitoring software will monitor bandwidth use, notify your network when bandwidth utilization reaches critical levels, and ensure that QoS standards are implemented correctly.

Reducing mean time to repair (MTTR)

When you’re dealing with a network performance issue, the time it takes your network crew to repair it may be spent on more important things. As a result, minimizing the amount of time it takes to fix a problem is critical for businesses. Many network monitoring services alert your team to issues as soon as they are discovered, allowing a business to get right to work resolving the problem. Many monitoring solutions also include diagnostics tools that give your staff an initial assessment of the condition so they don’t have to spend as much time investigating it.

Testing changes to a network or device

When you make any change to your network or a device, you should test it to ensure that it’s working as expected. If you add or modify a device without taking precautions, the rest of your network may be damaged. Network monitoring tools allow you to evaluate new or modified hardware and connections before they cause issues on your network.

Generating network performance reports

A network monitoring solution uses visual representations on its dashboard to show performance data. Monitoring tools can also generate reports that your company may read and convert into various printable file types. The frequency with which the solution generates these reports is up to you – weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly.

Finding problems with performance that occur after-hours

Even if there isn’t anyone in the office to repair it, problems can occur at any time. If a problem occurs after business hours, your business needs to be informed; network monitoring tools constantly monitor a network, allowing them to identify these issues. A good network monitoring system won’t immediately send out notifications for these problems since those alerts might be lost by the time your team returns to work. The solution should delay the alert until a time determined by the network administrator.

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