Network Magic

CPE Client Management


In today’s world People are more hooked to wifi connectivity and have expectations for achieving the best quality experience of Wifi.

Challenges for ISP’s are to build the client satisfaction level on speeds & High Throughputs .

Here is a product which can help ISP to maintain the best quality services across a wireless Home by building the complete visibility of every device latched with the Wifi Router/ONU.\

All this can be managed remotely which brings down the service cost for sending an Engineer to attend any type of customer complaint .

It is always important for the Wi-Fi Admins and ISP’s  to quickly focus on the most important things happening in a deployment. AI prioritizes the critical events/issues in 4 categories

  • P1 / P2 /P3 /P4

Further Navigation from each of these incidents provides users with complete information of

  • when the issue happened?
  • Which Wifi Routers /AP’s/ONU’s  are affected?
  • Which clients are affected?
  • What actions should take to overcome this ?

Product Features :

A) Dynamic availability of data points .

B) Wifi Configuration Checks :

C) Devices ( Mobile / Laptop /Tv’s) Connected on Wifi Router /ONU

D) Auto Visibility of performance for Mobile handsets & other Wi-Fi devices

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