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Planning & Designing


Planning & Designing:

Network Audits :

Audits to be performed based on the following Broadband Operators :

Green Field Operators -New to Internet

A1. MSO or Cable Operators are exploring transforming the existing cable tv networks to provide broadband services.


A2. To Obtain the Information and understand the Operator’s perspective to converge the Broadband services on the existing CATV network. 


A3. Building Capex and Opex modeling down the stimulated 3 to 5 years.


A4. Implementing the optimum access technology which collaborates with the current structure.


A5. Gathering the information of network resources to let different technologies work together so that Converged services are available to the user. 

Brown Field Operators -Existing ISP’s Finding Challenges in Scaling up

  • Green Field Operators -New to Internet 
  • Brown Field Operators – Existing ISP is finding challenges in scaling up.

B1. Core Networks ( BNG/BRAS/GW/DC)

Expected Call Flows :

  • Call Flows -: Subscriber call flows based on the current system.

    Datacenter -: Centralized PAN India holding Control traffic such as DHCP, DNS, and other controlling signals.

    POP: Centralized PAN India hosting network elements that act as backend termination and exit point to internet cloud for subscribers.

    BSS/OSS Stack: In-house hosting and holds the complete stack of AAA,   PCRF, CRM, OCS, and other billing elements from Hightech8 (H8).

Gap Analysis:

  • Identification of current network elements, design & call flows with build-in functionalities and capacities to understand the working & the challenge at the root level. 
  • Analysis of current Scalability based on the traffic and topologies. 
  • Challenges in network topology  and call flow build-up from core to Customer   processes & people. 
  • Current approach and security  policies  on  various  prominent Application and network attacks (DDOS/Application /URL filtering etc.). 


Our Approach:

  • Will carry out detailed requirement study for change requirements for core, distribution, and access layer considering the current subs and the expected scale over time. 
  • Network  planning  and  management  in  optimization  and  building  resilience  in core by improving customer quality of experience.  
  • Strategizing and adopt some of the forecasting best practices approaches which help in cautious spend on Capex & Opex. 
  • Helping  in  selecting  the  efficient  and  effective  OEM’s  by  recognizing  them  on  various comparative analysis. 

B2. Distribution & Transport

GAP Analysis :

  • Current deployed topologies with the challenges and the drawbacks.  

  • Capacity and infra planning. 

  •  Failovers and redundancies deployed with the impact on customer experience in case of auto-shift or failures.  

  • Provision for controlling various L-2 limitations and the level of dynamicity  Build in the network. 

  •   Any   Layer-2   spoofing   happening   due   to   multiple   active   devices   impacting customer experience with the intermediate slow down or blackout.  


  • Detailed study evolving the historical data for the failures and the impact.

  • Planning and suggesting automation with a significant focus on improving  customer experience.

  • Suggesting  the  best  practices  and  OEM’s  prominent  in  building  multiple  Gigs  

  •   Processes and practices for managing the reactive & proactive issues and outages.

  •   Optimization with an assurance on controlled spending on the network. 

B3. Access Networks :

GAP Analysis :

  • Network Audits and Improvements: 

  • Reviews FTTH/GPON Deployments.

  •  Capacity planning & Scalability. 


  • Drafting the design for network planning covering aerial /UG vertical or flatbed area.

  • Building automation for designing /Planning and managing.

  • Building automated processes for monitoring and alerts considering proactive or reactive issues.

  • Process building for the execution of Roll Out under the benchmark.

  • Sample Verification of Approved Vs. actual rollout with a list of deviations.

  • OLT/ODF/FAT/FDC/JC location, capacity, construct quality
  • Sample Verification of the ground rollout with the ABD for verification of route & network elements GPS location & address details of all network elements as FAT / MH / ODF / FDC / JC / OTB etc
  • Sample Verification of material consumed vs planned.
  • Building  best  practices  for  handling  CPE  issues  for  improving  TAT,  reducing  churn  and enhancing customer experience.

D. Workflow Automation and Processes:

  • Identifying and accessing the gaps on the flow of complaints and outages across the entire ecosystem. 
  • Building  &  monitoring the process by closely stitching the different functions for improving customer experience. 
  • Correlating the churn,  complaint  &  life cycle analysis and identifying the problematic elements for improving network performance and reducing churn. 
  • Services, subscribers, life cycle & revenue. 

E. Expected KPI's Delivery

  •  Improving Network Uptime & MTTR
  • Decrease in customer complaints by bringing down the complaint ratio.
  • Improvement of TAT, reduction of Churn, and enhancement of customer experience.
  • Visibility of spend on Capex & Opex

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