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As the name implies, SOC or Security Operations Center is a facility where a team of information security professionals monitors and analyzes an organization’s security posture regularly.

About our company

As Delhi continues to expand as a global IT powerhouse, the need for security is becoming more prevalent. With a diverse set of technology & rigorous procedures, the Security Operations Centre Service in Delhi focuses on identifying, evaluating & responding to cybersecurity problems.

The SOC model consists of several complementary solutions that are modular, scalar, and able to detect, anticipate and respond to various threats. It offers comprehensive protection against threats, expertise, and apt solutions to reduce risks of your ICT vulnerabilities enabling efficiency.

A Security Operations Center usually consists of analysts, engineers, and managers responsible for security operations. SOC Service Providers in Delhi actively collaborates with the organization’s incident response team to eliminate security issues as soon as possible.

Defining a cybersecurity strategy is essential before establishing a SOC in Delhi based on an organization’s current business priorities and concerns. The department executives are required to reference a risk assessment focused on determining how to maintain the company’s mission. Providing input on the objectives, the infrastructure, tools needed to accomplish those objectives, and staff skills need to be addressed.

Our SOC Services

We, Security Operations Center Providers in Delhi, proactively monitor & analyze network activity, service activity, changes to system files, database changes, endpoint, application, and website activity. We believe in assisting and solving issues for efficient and effective functioning.

Benefits of SOC Service In India

Provided that 56% of businesses receive more than 1000 security warnings per day, it’s reasonable to infer that the primary value of SOC Service Providers in Delhi as a business function is to facilitate a more effective, quick, and standardized reaction to such occurrences.

Aside from that, the establishment of SOC Service Providers has the following advantages:

How Network Magic Can Help You?

In addition to monitoring the networks, we ensure the effective functioning of the network processes. We believe in the capability of a highly professional team working on high-end networking standards to security alerts. We focus on implementing the best strategies to enable all the operations smoothly.

By providing total satisfaction to the clients, our company has created a significant impact in the market, and we believe in continuously working on it.

Why Choose Network Magic For SOC Services?

Since we have a highly professional monitoring team, we provide the customized services you are seeking. We offer a variety of network monitoring services with a staff of professionals and certified technicians.

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“NetWorkMagic is a fantastic firm! They handle and supervise our network. When we need their assistance, they have an amazing response time. The entire staff at NetWork Magic is extremely skilled and courteous. I would urge anyone to use this firm”

~ TheinnLabs

“Since 2019, we've been using NetWorkMagic for security services. They help us to operate smoothly and effectively in the ever-changing technological age”

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“We've been using NetWorkMagic for over four years now, and I'm certain they're the greatest in the business. When we're in trouble or dealing with low-level issues, they're always there to assist us”

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