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Tools Used In-Network Management Services

IT network management systems are used to administer, provision, and manage IT systems. These tools assist users in determining who uses their network and how it is set up and running. These are used by businesses to increase network monitoring of current networks as well as control over linked devices and infrastructure. Many solutions have the ability to trace connected devices and infrastructure using a map of the network. Configuration management across cloud services and remote network connections is handled by modern network management software.

A good network management solution should be simple to set up, use, and support a wide range of vendor gadgets. If you’re searching for a complete network management package, we recommend selecting one with auto-discovery, configurable notifications, automated alerts support, and a web-based interface that centralizes management actions. The user interface should ideally be simple to use, easy to understand, and provide visual representations of data (i.e., graphs and charts) for easier interpretation.

A network topology mapping tool and the capacity to issue commands to diagnose and change network settings are also desirable. When the solution is used for business-grade network management, some interfaces just provide reporting and viewing capabilities, which can be restricting.

Every service and application that runs on a network may be monitored and discovered by most network management and monitoring solutions. This enables administrators to determine whether a performance issue is caused by the application or the network thanks to application awareness. Administrators also get the ability to monitor response time, request processing time, and server processing times with application-aware network management tools.

The Most Effective Network Management Software

1. SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM)

SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is a full-featured, user-friendly market-leading solution. It can be integrated with other SolarWinds products, such as SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, because it is based on the unique SolarWinds Orion® Platform. NCM’s functionality may be extended by compatibility with many other SolarWinds tools, giving it unrivaled network insight.

2. SolarWinds Kiwi CatTools

CatTools by SolarWinds is an affordable but efficient network management tool created to help firms with tiny networks. Kiwi CatTools is particularly suited to businesses looking for a solution that can manage large numbers of devices simultaneously, automate configuration backups, and roll back configurations quickly when necessary.

3. ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

ManageEngine, like SolarWinds, provides enterprise-grade IT monitoring and management solutions. ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager can administer numerous configurations, such as switches, firewalls, and routers, and supports multi-vendor deployments.

4. Paessler PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is a sensor-based network monitoring solution that enables you to build a customized solution based on the thousands of sensors available. This network management software is extremely adaptable.

5. ConfiBack (open-source)

TwitchConfiBack, on the other hand, lacks some of the features and adaptability found in some of its rivals. This free tool has a number of surprising capabilities and may be a good choice for individuals searching for a simple yet effective network management solution.

Choosing the Right NMS System

Choosing which network management system is appropriate for your business might be difficult. To ensure you get the right tool for your needs, we suggest taking advantage of the free trials available to you. I recommend Solar Winds NCM as an efficient, complete, and sturdy network management solution for big networks. SolarWinds BCM may be a better option if you have a small network.


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